Activities in our village...

Pyterlahti is known as village with many kinds of activities.

Many clubs and active villagers enable numerous events. Everyone works voluntarily for the village. The main idea is have fun time together.

Pyterlahden Kulttuurikyläyhdistys ry (1999)
The club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village
Tero Viljasuo
More information here.

Pyterlahden Kisa-osasto
The sports club of Pyterlahti

(Started to act again in 1982)

Lasse Mäkinen 
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"El Reinos"
The moped club of Pyterlahti
Lasse Mäkinen 
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Cafe King's Road
is "subdivision" of The Club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village.

This humoristic group wants to offer cafe-activities in Sunday afternoons at random in milk cottage. The little earning they get goes to keeping milk cottages up.

Lasse Mäkinen, Seppo Rintelä, Tero Viljasuo, Matti Ihalainen More information here.
When we talk about club activities we can't forget the Pyterlahti Martta-club (organisation of women), which was established in 7.4.1932 in the adult education centre in South-western Finland. The club actions were closed down in 2007 when there were some changes in the National Martta-organisation.


Pyterlahti Kisa-osasto organises annually skiing competition. In winter 2007 we had the 28. skiing competition. There are close calls, supportive shouts and informal atmosphere in the skiing competition.

In the summertime we have evening by the seaside when villagers, former villagers and summer villagers come together in the Santaniemi. During the evening we have some funny competitions, time to chat and have some cup of coffee.
In the December people come together to have Christmas celebration party. Event begins with lighting Christmas lights up and then it's time to have some Christmas porridge. Also the Santa Claus has been seen in the party. 


In the Christmas Eve villagers light up Christmas lights aside of King's Road in the Pyterlahti area. Usually the Santa Claus has some time in the milk cottages too.

There are two milk cottages in the Pyterlahti area. Milk cottages were places where farmers carried milk to be collected by lorries. Milk cottages were also important social places where neighbours could meet each other. We have renovated two milk cottages and one has been placed in Opistonmäki and the other in Pasikonpohja. At times there are a café in the milk cottage of Opistonmäki and we also organise different kind of events in the area of milk cottages. 
We have also trips, different competitions and community efforts during the year. The most important thing in our acting is humour and relaxed atmosphere!
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