Number of new world records in Pyterlahti Aino and Reino -running competition

The second international Aino and Reino -running competition were arranged in Pyterlahti in 9.8.2008. Weather was mainly rainless and there were lots of people in the Opistonmäki area.

All the champions of last year renewed their championships. They even approved their records: the new world record is now 4.49,00 made by Timo Mäkelä from Pyterlahti. Also in the other series times approved clearly.



Hellevi Karhula
Jouni Rinnemaa
Pekka Rintelä
Timo Rintelä
Sanni Rintelä
Seppo Rintelä
Virpi Rökman-Pakkanen
Santeri Pakkanen


Results are here.

Background information is here.



 People arrived to Opistonmäki in good time before competition started There were lots of people supporting runners. Trio Hietala played accordions. 
There was parking area also for the bikes. The Official controller of slippers checking slippers of Timo Mäkelä. Everything was ok and slippers accepted as a running shoes. Tractors transported the runners to the milk cottage of Pasikonpohja.
Teams participated in good and happy attitude. Teams are ready to go The fastest team was Virojoki VPK (fire brigare)
Virolahden VPK I-team (fire brigade) had Prussian helmets and over hundred years old fire brigade jackets. All the way they had a cart of fire brigade. They were rewarded for at having so incredible clothes and equipments.
Valtra-vehicle was the last vehicle and there were also warning signs in it. There were so new slippers that there was price tag on them. There were also slippers which had been used little for longer.
There was also a special transport Ready to go - there was serious faces in the starting line.
Stewars are waiting for the world champion. Timo Mäkelä made a new world record. The time is  4.49,00 Three best of Reino-slippers size 40-43
There was only one Aino-serie in this year. Three best of Aino-serie (36-39) Young runners were lovely in their little slippers.


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