Café King's Road "Maitolaituriyhtiöt"
Café King's Road ("Maitolaituriyhtiöt") opens its doors casually in summer Sundays. There are four men who keep up this activity voluntarily. The little earning they get goes to keeping milk cottages up so the main idea is not to have any economical benefit but work for the village and offer villagers and by passers coffee and lots of joy.
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Ambience of café It's easy to go to the café
Personnel is little busy Nice coffee-time Café is quite popular

Café King's Road has been working since summer 2004. There have been customers from Central Europe and they got a tax free reduction (=free coffee).


It's time to have some coffee... Products of Café King's Road

You can contact them by e-mail:


Lasse Mäkinen, delivery manager
Tero Viljasuo, marketing manager
Seppo Rintelä, sales manager
Matti Ihalainen, managing director
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