Greetings from the editor-in-chief

Hellevi Karhula has taken pictures in our Christmas event.
Eeva Ylinen took picture in Independence Day when students take part to parade.
Welcome to homepages of Pyterlahti!

I hope you like our pages. Unfortunately my English isn't so well but I hope the main idea appears from the text and especially from the pictures.


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Information of editor-in-chief
I was born in Pyterlahti so I have taken part in many activities of Pyterlahti since I was a chid.


Going to the skiing competition of Pyterlahti village My good friend, Teppo Iivari's Retu-dog.
Picture: Timo Rintelä
Having fun time with a little sister.
Pyterlahti means lot to me. In the home village it's easy to enjoy the peace of countryside.


Going home Doing some studies about plants.
I have taken part in many events. I have worked as a guide in the Virolahti museum, which is situated in Pyterlahti. I have found that Pyterlahti has rich history and we should be proud of it.
I was a guide in the Virolahti museum. Food we made was eatable despite of smoke. And we all had a fun time.
I have graduated from Virolahti lukio. I try to take part in village activities although I don't live in Pyterlahti anymore. Making these home pages is one mean to be aware of what is happening in the village and in this way I can do some voluntary work for the village.

In 2006 we took part of Evakkovaellus-event and I was there as a volunteer.

Christmas Event in 2007
Picture: Hellevi Karhula


Cousins, me and "Katti Matikainen" (from Finnish child programme)

Picture: Timo Rintelä
In the house of Finnish Parliament in the spring 2008
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