A bit of history
Picture of old school. The other picture is taken on the top of tree in the schoolyard.
(Seppo Rintelä)
"Pyterä" "Pyterä" is word of Virolahti dialect. It means opaque and cluttered. One interpretation claims that name of village has meant to gulf where has been cluttered water.
After the glacial period Pyterlahti has been under the sea level so there hasn't been found any signs of prehistorically settlement.
Quarries Hevonniemi area of Pyterlahti has been important quarry area. In the 18th century lots of stone were transported to abroad. Columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral and monolith of the Alexander Column (25 meters long) are red granite from Pyterlahti.
The mansion of Pyterlahti The mansion of Pyterlahti has been vital place in history of Pyterlahti. In the 19th century Anton Mäkelä was the master of mansion. He owned also a saw in the Santaniemi area. He donated the place and wood to school building.
School of Pyterlahti
(former girls' school)


School was built in the 1872 - 1873. That girls' school was the first buildings in Finland that was made to schooling. School worked until 1975. Nowadays there is Virolahti museum in that building. Also Pyterlahti village has its ows rooms in the building. 
By the side the King's Road... In addition there has been much more in our village: the adult education centre of South-western Finland (Opistonmäki), soft drink factory, pipe factory, saw, many shops. 

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