Pyterlahti - culture and activities

Pyterlahti is situated in the municipality of Virolahti, in the Southeastern Finland. The King's Road runs across the village. Neighbours of Pyterlahti are village of Virojoki (in the North), village of Hämeenkylä (in the East), village of Vilkkilä (in the South) and village of Ylä-Pihjala (in the West).
In the beaches of Pyterlahti can see to the Russia and the eastern point of Pyterlahti is situated 1,5 km from the Russian border. However there isn't any population close to the borderline.
There are about 170 villagers in village of Pyterlahti (in 2006).

   Economic structure of Pyterlahti is mainly service industry. Most of villagers go to work in some where in the municipality area or neighbour municipalities. There are still some companies in the village. Nowadays there aren't so many farmhouses anymore in the village. 
The speciality of Pyterlahti is the special red granite, pyterliitti (Carmen red). There are companies of stone that employ in our village area. Carmen red is very popular in China and India.

There are lots of activities in the village: many clubs and volunteers work in good co-operation and organise many events and trips. There is happy and relaxed atmosphere in the village events.
All the services could be found in the conurbation of Virojoki. The distance from Pyterlahti to Virojoki is about 3 km.
The history of Pyterlahti is really rich. There was built a school building in the 19th century and that building was the first building which was made for schooling. The monolith of the Alexander Column and the columns of the St. Isaac's Cathedral are from Pyterlahti.
There is nice atmosphere in our village. Helping neighbours and taking part in community efforts are the important part of our village. In 2003 Pyterlahti was voted to Village of the year in Virolahti. Oak, which we got as a reward, is planted in the park of museum.
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