Kisa-osasto of Pyterlahti

Kisa-osasto is a sports club of Pyterlahti. This club has been working decades as a subdivision of Virolahti Sampo sports club. After little break the act were started again in 22.4.1982.
Events organised by Kisa-osasto

Skiing competition has a long tradition. In 2007 there was the 28. skiing competition of Pyterlahti.

Cross-country running competitions are arranged in May. The competition takes places in the park area of museum.

There are speed and dangerous situations in the angling competitions.

There is boot throwing, darts and rowing boat competition in the evening by the seaside.

Kisa-osasto organises in co-operation with the club of village many kind of events. For example event in Easter time and championships of petanque.

Chairman of the Kisa-osasto is Lasse Mäkinen


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