Pyterlahden Kulttuurikyläyhdistys ry
"The club of Pytelahti Cultural Village"


The club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village is established in 1999. The aim of this club is maintain the vitality of village and organise activities and events to villagers of Pyterlahti.

The club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village organises many events in co-operation with other clubs of Pyterlahti and municipality of Virolahti.

All the villagers belong to the club. Government is chosen in the annual meeting. Government takes care of actions of the club.


Tero Viljasuo

Event in Easter time and different trips with mopeds are important part of event calendar. The club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village organises also trips.


The club of Pyterlahti Cultural Village organises many kind of events in co-operation with many other clubs and municipality of Virolahti. Market event in the park of museum and "Evakkovaellus" are good examples of this kind of activity.
Club make also appeals: for example there has been appeal to have street lightning to Pyterlahti area and appeal to have school transport to children of Pyterlahti.

There is many kind of community effort in our village.

There was a project of "Pyterlahti löyly ja vesi" that showed how actively villagers take part in community efforts. Together villagers renovated an old sauna building. This project got project money from Sepra ry (TE-center).


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