Editing office of these home pages

Editor-in-chief Leena Halonen (Rintelä)
Office in Jyväskylä, updates, writing news etc.
Photographer Seppo Rintelä Photography, videos
Photographer Hellevi Karhula
Photographer Tero Viljasuo
Photographer Leo Karhula


Assistants who had sent pictures

Esko Aho, Mika Halonen, Eija Husu, Kai Ihalainen, Maria Ihalainen, Matti Ihalainen, Kaakonkulma, Tiina Kaitainen, Hannu Kilpi, Ritva Kinnunen, Markku Muurikka, Juha Mäkinen, Helena Olli, Santeri Pakkanen, Emma Pohtio, Jouni Rinnemaa, Anne Rintelä,  Pekka Rintelä, Timo Rintelä, Sanni Rintelä, Virpi Rökman-Pakkanen, Susanna Siekkeli, Piia Viljasuo, Eeva Ylinen


These homepages had been made by accident. In my studies in Teacher Education in Jyväskylä University includes some computer studies. We had a task to made home pages in the spring 2006. My dad suggested me to do those home pages from Pyterlahti village. It was really interesting to do homepages of something real and I have continued to keep up these home pages since my school task was ready.

These homepages are made entirely by voluntarily.

I hope you will enjoy our homepages!

Comments you can sent to our guest book or by e-mail to address leena.rintela(AT)
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