The museum of Virolahti
(in Pyterlahti)
Former school, which was built in 1873. Open in summer time and from reservation (municipality of Virolahti)

The museum of Virolahti

Quarry of Hevonniemi Places where the granite of St. Isaac's Cathedral and monolith of the Alexander Column has been taken. Places are not tagged in the terrain and there are summer cottages in the area.
Milk cottages Milk cottages in Opistonmäki and in Pasikonpohja are open by passers all the time. If you had some luck there can be also a café! Open all the time. Please, write your greetings to the guest book of milk cottages.



Stone barrier of Salpalinja There are some stone barriers of Salpalinja in Pyterlahti area. Salpalinja were built in 1940's during the wartime. Stone barriers could be seen in Lypsyniemi and Santaniemi in the middle of nature.

Stone barriers in Santaniemi

Nature Pyterlahti is beautiful village in the middle of nature. Beaches of Heponiemi and Santaniemi, woods, landscapes of fields are the most beautiful features of our village. Welcome to enjoy nature of Pyterlahti. Please remember the everyman's rights!

Beach of Santaniemi


The King's Road Historical King's Road runs across the Pyterlahti. Road, which is worth travelling!




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